Nickent 4DX Pro Combo Blade Irons

Nickent 4DX Pro Combo Blade Irons For the mid handicap golfer looking to work their way up easily to a top level of control the Nickent 4DX Pro Combo irons are a perfect set. They come complete with 2 – PW and in either Nippon Steel regular, or stiff flex, or Graphite regular or stiff flex so you can get exactly the type of swing you desire. These brilliantly designed clubs have a cavity back so that they have some forgiveness but the stiffness and low offset to perform a precise contact. The thin top makes for a low center of gravity to keep the line of travel low and increase the distance of your shot. These irons allow a mid handicap golfer really up their game.

The Nickent 4DX Pro Combo Irons have a tungsten-polymer inset that takes the sting out of the contact when you hit the ball. A mis-hit with this club has a little bit of compensation but players soon learn the perfect spot that gets them a picture perfect line of flight. The 4DX Pro Combo is a vast improvement over the 3DX in shape and length making them a Tour favorite. An improvement in the XW insert vs the metal plug so that these irons are more flexible in the amount of weight they can move about before they lose their feel. That same tungsten-polymer insert (WX insert) gives these irons a muscle back feel while they provide the cavity back forgiveness so that mid handicap players can learn to adjust their swing to a professional level.

Their chrome plated looks are attractive and the comfortable Lambkin NNG grips make them enjoyable for all day use on the course.

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