TaylorMade ICW5 Blade Irons

TaylorMade ICW5 Blade Irons The best way to become a scratch golfer is to switch to blades like the Taylormade ICW5 blades iron set at about a 10 handicap. This can cause you to gain a few strokes for a little bit as you adjust to a professional level set of irons but the differences will far outweigh the gain after a few games. As you learn to set up for a rigid swing that you have to control and think about, and learn exactly how to make perfect contact with a short head and lowered face that requires a precision connection you will soon make up that difference and then move lower still.

The Taylormade ICW5 blades come in 3 – SW. These will provide little to no feedback on your mis-hits and extremely little forgiveness. If you are lazy in your game then they will feel uncomfortable. If you take those mis-hits into full account and learn why they didn't work they will soon make you a low handicap player. Mid handicap players also benefit from using these irons because they are actually made for better players. It is a forced situation that requires you to be better than you actually are so you become better in order to play.

Initially golfers will experience a reduced distance to their shots and be disappointed. This is also a part of the learning curve as the exact opposite will be true. The lower center of gravity makes for a long low trajectory perfect for super long distance as opposed to the high arching beginner shots.

For maximum learning and professional levels of playing the Taylormade ICW5 blade irons excel in every way.

Deals On eBay

36" R H TaylorMade ICW5 Nine 9 Iron-Dynamic Gold Steel S300 Shaft-Lamkin Grip $7.99
37" R H TaylorMade ICW5 Seven 7 Iron-Dynamic Gold Steel S300 Shaft-Lamkin Grip $7.95
38" R H TaylorMade ICW5 5 Iron-Dynamic Gold Steel S300 Shaft-Lamkin Grip $11.99
37.5" R H TaylorMade ICW5 Six 6 Iron-Dynamic Gold Steel S300 Shaft-Lamkin Grip $6.99

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